Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

Well it was a LONG WEEK - WORST week of my mission.  Starting since last Monday I was super sick and then at the end of the week I was sick enough to the point that I couldn't leave the house!  I did though get transferred.  Good-bye little pueblos and middle of nowhere and HELLO to the City!  I am now in Toncontin Teguicigalpa as District Leader.  I am a district leader of 8 elders!  I have served in one of the biggest areas of the mission and NOW this area is the smallest area of the mission so it will be awesome!  It has been awesome.  I feel like the Lord has put me here for a reason.  I know that there are people here in the ward and investigators that need my help.  Once again though I have gotten to an area and it's basically like I am opening the area!  That's alright though it will be good.  I am really grateful for the time I had in my last area; I have really learned to love people and figure out how to help them and what  they need!  I know God lets everything happen for a reason even though we don't understand why.  Being here in the new area and being sick was the worst and hardest thing in the world for me.  First I hate being sick and second I hate not being able to work.  I really learned that the Lord tries our patience and prepares us to work.  He prepares - we don't prepare ourselves.  I know he lives and loves everyone of us.

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