Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 28, 2012

 I am kind of bummed today that we don't get to go to the temple do to the fact that it is a holiday but
that is alright! It has been a crazy week here that is for sure! We had a kid from our district have to go home so now I am in a trio! i am not sure how I feel about it! It is definitely a learning experience and if I don't kill anyone in the next 3 weeks it will be a success I think! The night/morning the Elder flew out he had to be at
the travel office at 3 in the morning so we had to be up to see him off! Lets say that night i got about 5 hours of sleep and it was hard to recover that next day and focus! It is crazy how much the gospel is a blessing even repentance! I am so grateful for the gospel in our life's! I am pretty fired up we were able to hear Ronald A Rasband speak on Tuesday and he is incredible he spoke in conference two years ago about mission calls and it was so incredible to hear from him again! he is an amazing man! Things are going well the Spanish is coming the hard I work the faster it comes hard to imagine but it is true ha ha! I love it here but I am not going to lie I am definitely looking forward to leaving in 3 weeks! isn't that crazy i fly out 3weeks from  today! I cannot wait for that! i cannot wait to be able to teach people that need their eternities changed and that want to change instead of just people that are role playing! it is definitely not the same! 

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